Premium kiln dried or barn seasoned hardwood delivered from our own sustainably managed woods.

We use locally sourced, sustainable hardwood for our firewood loads, mainly Ash which is especially good for firewood. All our woodland is managed and maintained to forestry commission standards and guidelines.

Once cut our firewood is then either kiln dried or barn stored to season. Whilst slightly more expensive, kiln dried firewood can actually be more cost effective as the less moisture in your logs the less water needs to be boiled away through steam before heat can be generated, making kiln dried ash logs the ultimate fuel for wood burners and multi-fuel stoves.

Our kiln dried logs are dried on-site in our own kiln, powered by a biomass boiler fuelled by our wood waste. We have been audited and gained accreditation for the Government's Biomass Suppliers List which verifies our commitment to the enviornment and allows us to supply BSL-authorised fuel, now mandatory for the RHI payments scheme.

Our logs can be supplied in any size and in any quantity. We supply a number of local petrol garages, public houses and farm shops. We can deliver the firewood loose or in bulk bags.

We also sell logs and kindling in nets which has been produced on the farm with machinery powered by our solar panels. The wood we use for kindling is mainly Popular.

Biomass Suppliers List

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